Eucharist Definition

Eucharist Definition-Scientific Proof Of Eucharistic Heart Tissue

Here is the link to an amazing video on You Tube which really makes you think. Although it has subtitles it really is worth watching every moment of it.

Eucharist Definition-Jesus True God and Man-Scientific Proof
Here's the link -Eucharistic Definition

Eucharist means 'thanksgiving' and this refers to Jesus' thanksgiving to the Father by offering his life on Calvary for the conversion of sinners.

This video shows scientific investigations into the substance of the Host which turns out to be LIVING and beating heart tissue of a man under the microscope.

More amazing still is that further in depth analysis of the consecrated Eucharist shows the heart tissue to be alive and from a man who has recently been tortured. The suffering servant of Isaiah comes to mind.

In the Catholic Mass Jesus re offers the sacrifice he made of his life once and for all on Calvary in a mystical way to his Father in HEaven on our behalf.

During Mass all the graces present at Calvary are present to us and it is a time of great blessings for those who attend and those who are called to eat the flesh of Christ in the Eucharist.