9 April 2013

Easter-The Greatest Of All Feasts Of The Year!

So important is Easter in the Church's liturgical seasons that she devotes  eight days of solemnities to celebrate the great event of Jesus rising from the dead, Christmas is also celebrated in like manner.

In a marvellous way, and the same power is at work in the hearts of those in sanctifying grace, Jesus rose from the dead on that first Easter morning and the world hasn't been the same since.

Easter brings hope. It's always a sign that no matter how bad things get there can be a fresh start and one of the definitions of holiness is picking yourself up again and again. 

Indeed Edith Stein (St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross), an intellectual Jewish convert to Christianity, who became an enclosed nun and died in a concentration camp said that we must begin every day as if it were a new life. We start afresh every 24 hours. 

God is indeed a God of mercy. The diary of St Faustina a Polish nun who lived in the 1920's and 1930's kept a diary of her messages and visions as Jesus' secretary of Divine mercy. 

This diary though large is excellent spiritual reading,  here is an online compendium of the Divine Mercy diary here. 

This is a priceless and touching book which opens the heart to God's perfect love in a more perfect way.

I pray that all readers are blessed with a joyous Easter and year ahead. 

Divine Mercy diary link