3 January 2015

'Set The Captives Free'-Pray For Those In Prison!

The Holy Souls in Purgatory need our help. If we think of the miners trapped in Chile we can easily think of the Holy Souls trapped in purgatory who are waiting to enter into Heaven when they are purified of the temporal punishment due to their sins on earth which they didn't 'pay off.'

Give The Holy Souls A Blood Transfusion Today

When we die and if we are not perfectly pure to see the face of God, as most of us aren't, then we will need to spend some time in purgatory which is an expression of God's powerful mercy and love towards us.

If you don't believe in purgatory the chances are you'll may have to spend time there after death just as Marino Restrepo didn't believe in hell and argued with Christians about its non existence (because of his reincarnation beliefs) but when he died he went to hell and would have spent his eternity there if it had not been for the prayers of his mother and Christian family.

Marino's testimony of Hell and Purgatory are a great wake up call for those who do believe in their existence and those who believe in reincarnation.

In the middle ages Saint Gertrude lived in Germany and she had a great devotion to Jesus, she is known as Gertrude the Great so great was her notoriety for holiness and answered prayer.

She was a mystic and a prophet and had many visions.One day Jesus appeared to her and asked for the following prayer to be said to relieve the souls in purgatory. He promised her that each time it is said with love he would deliver 1000 souls from their prison into their eternal home.It is so powerful as it calls the precious Blood of Christ down on the souls in prison and I have added the dying too!

Here is the prayer,

"Eternal Father, I offer to you the precious blood of your Divine Son Jesus
in union with the Masses said throughout the whole world today for all the 
holy souls in Purgatory and all the dying" Amen

If you are unsure as the existence of the holy souls ask them for help or a favour and they will help you. They long for our prayers and it is a great act of charity and love to pray for them.