1 March 2013

The Eucharist-A Miracle in Our Midst!

The Eucharist is the 'source and summit' of our Christian lives here on earth. 

The Eucharist means thanksgiving in Greek and it is indeed a constant reason for thanksgiving that Jesus, our risen Saviour invented a way, in his great love, to be with us, until the end of time. 

Indeed Jesus is physically present with us now as he was with his apostles before the Ascension or with the disciples as they walked to Emmaus. 

The only thing is that our senses cannot detect him but the eyes of our faith and the love in our hearts can. St Thomas Aquinas most learned of theologinas stated that the Eucharist cannot be discerned by our senses at all but only with our hearts.

A really useful site for excellent Eucharistic information and details of scientifically verified miracles can be found here

May the Eucharist be the source and summit of your faith as it is for billions of other people across the globe.