14 May 2015

Marino Restrepo-Catholic Conversion Story

Catholic Conversion Story

The conversion story of Marino Restrepo is one Catholic conversion story you don't want to miss! Never before since reading Scott Hahn's Catholic conversion story many years ago have I been SO impressed and never before has a conversion story had such an impact on me than this one!

Prophetic Preaching For Our Times!

Why Is This So?

Amongst other things, Marino is an eloquent and prophetic preacher calling all Christians and Catholics to wake up from their sleep of weak and undiscplined Christianity which asks only what the Lord can do for us, for ME and start to say yes, Lord, I'm your soldier what can I do for you?

Hailed as the new St Paul of this new Century Marino Restrepo has been travelling globally for ten years and has produced many DVDs, CDs and books which bring home the truths of the Christian faith in an uncomprising manner, some would say, an 'old fashioned' manner only because we have lost the discipline of the faith!

Why Marino Restrepo?

Marino was born in Colombia and left the Christian faith at the age of 14 and embraced many New Age and pagan philosophies. He categorically rejected any existence of hell and satan and for him, God was merely a cosmic life energy 'force'.

Then suddenly all that changed, Marino was kidnapped by Colombian terrorists and during his captivity in brutal circumstances he underwent a near death and profound conversion experience.

But for the grace of God Marino would have ended up in hell for all eternity but instead he was given a treasure trove of infused knowledge from Jesus and his blessed Mother and revealed many mystieries of the Kingdom of God.

Tirelessly Marino travels the world and has set up the lay association the Pilgrims of Love to spread and to live the messages which are none other than a concrete and practical living out of the true and full Gospel message which Marino does not water down to 'tickle the ears' of his listeners.

More Information

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Today is the day of salvation, don't miss this great opportunity to find out more about the real faith, the real truth.

Your spirit will testify inside as you hear Marino speak that here is a man who has seen and lived these realities in his life that indeed went to hell and back! A voice of God in the desert of this spiritually undernourished world!

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PS-The author of this post in NOT an affiliate and has no financial association with Marino Restrepo or the Pilgrims of Love in any way.

The Lord's Voicebox

3 May 2015

Mary Feast-Fatima Apparitions 13th May

Soon we will be celebrating the Feast Day of Fatima where we rejoice at God's mercy sending his holy mother with a message of peace and prayer to the Church of Christ on earth. 

Our Lady Of Fatima-Her Heart Is Surrounded By Thorns
Pope Benedict is due to be in Fatima on this most special of days and 13th May also marks the 10th Anniversary of the canonisation of Jacinta and Francesco the seers of Fatima. 

Sr Lucia who died a holy carmelite nun a few years ago is swiftly catching them up and is already a 'Servant of God. This is unsurprising as she spent her whole life spreading the message of Fatima which is so rich and a great treasure for the Church. 

I hope to have published soon an article on The Five Saturdays devotion, the most beautiful antidote to the poison of blasphemy and ingratitude towards Mary which Our Lord pointed out to Sr Lucia in the important post Fatime Pontevedra apparitions. 

I shall be providing a link to this in my next post. 

Please visit the following link to read the beautiful messages of Fatima and relive the riches that are embedded in them. 

Wishing you all a very happy feast day. 

Click here for the Fatima messages http://www.loveandmercy.org/loveandmercy/fatima.htm#message